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We are a team of enthusiastic pilots and flight instructors with a passion for travelling, instructing and teaching Aviation English as a foreign language.  Each of our pilots holds a Commercial Pilots Licence, a TEFL accreditation, and have in depth knowledge of the aviation industry.

Through our passion for travel and teaching aviation we understand the value in adapting teaching methods to various cultures using teaching and learning techniques. The methods of teaching that we use include:

  • Group speaking and listening exercises
  • Individual and small group tutorials
  • Online teaching

All our Pilots and Flight Instructors are Commercial Pilots and Teach English as a Foreign Language, and are TEFL accredited.

  • Pilots and Instructors hold a Commercial Pilot Licence
  • Pilots and Instructors are TEFL accredited and Teach English as a Foreign Language
  • Pilots and Instructors are all ICAO Level 6
  • Active and current in the aviation industry
  • Have a passion for teaching national and international student pilots
  • Aviation industry recognised teaching materials
  • Bespoke methods of teaching tailored to your level of Aviation English
  • Phased assessment throughout the course
  • All online courses can be studied in students home country
  • Set courses or bespoke courses offered depending on your level of Aviation English

About Aviation English

Aviation English is an ICAO requirement

ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) require pilots to communicate in a clear and effective manner. To meet ICAO Language Proficiency Requirement, pilots must attain a minimum of ICAO Level 4 for their pilot licence to get the Radiotelephony endorsement and for pilots to transmit on the aircraft radio. It is advisable when a pilot achieves the minimum ICAO level 4 they undertake further radiotelephony training to attain ICAO Level 5 or 6, the highest level that can be attained.

Use a dialect or accent which is intelligible to the aeronautical community

Given the very nature of international travel, pilots must understand and interpret other pilots with different accents. Our courses offers exposure to international accents.

Intensive airline pilot flight training

In the highly competitive aviation industry, it is essential to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition. This is especially true for international and non-native English-speaking students. Our courses will enhance your knowledge and understanding of Aviation English reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Flight Training Organisations

As a general rule FTO’s require students achieve ICAO Level 4 or IELTS (Academic) Level 6.5 to commence flight training. This requirement is for students to understand the knowledge required, and not just ticking the box. This makes a safer pilot, safer crew and a safer aviation industry.

Human Factors

Human Factors, the study of how Commercial Pilots interact with their environment including communications between Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers. 70% of aircraft air safety consequences are caused by unclear communications between pilots and air traffic controllers.

Our Partners

Become one of or partners in delivering a comprehensive service including residential host families courses and other specialist areas such as general English languages courses.

Accreditations and Certifications
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